Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Irene hit Brandon pretty badly.

Flood damage in Brandon

That pretty little park where we often sat and drank coffee and ate pastries was really slammed by the flood. Here are a few pics from CNN's site.

Montreal to Ferrara-August 30, 2011

Rowan was safely delivered to Montreal airport at about 3 PM after slight excitement at the border when Tula's rabie's tag was not sufficient proof of health for the Canadian border agent. Naturally, I could not find the health papers--they turned up under the front seat of Ginny for the ride home, but the US agent not at all interested in seeing them. 

Luckily, another agent came out to the car and, after taking a quick look at T's bright eyes and submissive attitude, let us pass.

At the airport Rowan and I each had a beer and I had a red bull for the ride home. Even that was not enough to keep T and me awake, so we were forced to stop again for a large creemee near the border. 

 I stopped and bought a lot of booze at the duty free-all these 2 pack offers, just like Costco. I told the whole truth at the US border and got in trouble again. Apparently I was not aware that I could only get one liter after being in Canada a full 48 hours, so the nice US border agent charged me an extra $14 tax!

 Oh well. 

Still a great dog, a great kid, a great voyage and a pretty good deal on the gin!